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The Entrance to Your Smart Home

Traditional lock-craft meets IoT technology - The keyless future is here


Smarter Access

Lost or forgotten door keys are a thing of the past.

All you need now is your phone.

Your smart door lock opens automatically when you return home and closes as you leave.


Pure peace of mind!

Reagle App on iphone
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Smarter Sharing

Your kids, friends, guests or helpers all need access to your door sometimes.

Simply create customized access codes from your smartphone and let them in!

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Smart Lock Features


Reagle smart lock replaces your entire existing deadbolt lock and can be installed by yourself within minutes.


Our lock combines the high physical safety of established deadbolts with banking grade digital encryption technology that protects communication between smartphone and lock.


You can not only unlock the smart lock through your smartphone but also through the built-in keypad.
The included physical keys serve as additional back-up.


Reagle app notifies you in real time about your lock's status, so you always know who accessed it.


Our lock doesn't require an internet connection to operate, which eliminates WiFi hacking or connectivity issues


Since our lock comes with AA batteries, you don't need to worry about the complicated power wiring. If the batteries approach low levels, both the lock and app will notify you.


What Our Customers Are Saying


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a smartphone?
    Reagle Smart Lock uses bluetooth wireless technology. You need a smartphone (iOS or Android) with the latest Reagle App installed in order to initialize the lock and do the management.
  • What happens if I lose my phone?
    If your phone has been lost or stolen, log yourself out immediately from the Reagle app by using another phone or computer. This will ensure that the person now in possession of your device will not be able to access your smart lock. Detailed instructions can be found here
  • What if the lock’s batteries die?
    The Reagle app will notify you well in advance before the batteries of your lock die. In case they do die, you can still open the lock with your physical keys and then replace the batteries.
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