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About Us

How Everything Started

Where IoT Meets Lockcraft

Annoyed by several frustrating and costly lost key experiences, we decided to come up with a better, foolproof and keyless way to access properties. Our vision of a smart door lock was born. 

Soon after, we formed a team of experienced engineering and IT professionals in order to found a startup called PKinno.


At PKinno, we combined our passion for IoT (Internet of Things) technology with market-proven lock bodies from collaborating lock crafters to create our first smart lock products.

As we were amongst the first players in the emerging market of smart door locks, we quickly gained traction in the business-to-business sector and convinced several renowned companies to use our newly created smart lock solutions. 

After years of steady growth, we decided to take things to the next level and ventured into the consumer sector as well. For that reason, we launched a new brand named Reagle.

Reagle’s mission is to make smart locks that not only keep consumer’s belongings safe, but also provide them with unparalleled convenience and peace of mind.

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