Reagle Gateway

Unleash your smart lock's full potential*


*Reagle Smart Deadbolt is required for Gateway to work

Do I Need a Gateway?

Remote Features
Reagle Smart Lock
Reagle Smart Lock
+ Apple Home Hub*
Reagle Smart Lock
+ Reagle Gateway
Remote locking
& unlocking
Real-time remote status
check and notifications
Add/delete/modify Code 

*iOS users only. It allows users to control the lock remotely via Apple Home app.

**Lock owners can still create ReagleCodes remotely. See details.

Get Remote Access

Gateway enables you to lock and unlock your Reagle Smart Deadbolt even when you are not home.

Create customized access codes, change the lock’s configuration or see its status  - all completely remotely and from anywhere.

Smart Home


With Gateway, Reagle Smart Lock can smoothly fit into your smart home setup.

How It Works

Reagle Gateway requires a power outlet close to your Reagle Smart Deadbolt (<20ft for the best performance) as well as your home’s wireless network and Internet connection in order to control your Reagle smart lock.

Simply follow the instructions of Reagle App to set up your Gateway. You can then manage your locks with Reagle App anytime and from anywhere.*


*This requires you turn on the internet connection of your smartphone.

How Reagle Gateway works


Reagle Gateway Specs


Bluetooth 4.0

2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n Network

Wireless Security

Supports Open Network, WEP, WPA or WPA2

Electrical Requirements

Type A USB Power Supply

DC 5V/1A

In-Box USB Power Adaptor

Input: AC100-240V 50/60Hz 0.2A Max

Output: DC 5V/1.2A


Frequently Asked Questions

How far from my Reagle Smart Deadbolt should the Gateway be installed?

For a smooth operation, Reagle Gateway is suggested not to be installed further away than 20ft from your Reagle Smart Deadbolt Lock, depending on your facility. During the pairing process, Reagle App will also diagnose the connection to help you to determine a proper position for your Gateway.

How do I access my lock remotely?

After you successfully build the connection between Reagle Smart Deadbolt and Gateway, you will see the connection status on your Reagle App. Once you are away from your lock, it will switch to remote mode automatically. Note that you have to turn on the internet connection of your smartphone to access your lock remotely.

How many Reagle Smart Deadbolts can one Gateway control?

In order to optimize Reagle Gateway’s connectivity, one Gateway is required for each Reagle Smart Deadbolt you want to control.

I already have an Apple Home Hub, do I still need to get Reagle Gateway?

That depends on your needs. If you are an iOS user and have an Apple Home hub already, you only need Reagle Gateway if you require the additional features of voice assistant integration (Alexa & Google Assistant)* or remote “Code” syncing.
As an iOS user without an Apple Home hub or as an Android user, getting a Reagle Gateway will allow you access to above mentioned features plus remote locking/unlocking as well as seeing the lock status and receiving real-time notifications through the Reagle app. *Available soon

Do I need a Reagle Smart Deadbolt if I want to use Reagle Gateway?

Yes, Reagle Gateway was made to work with Reagle Smart Deadbolt.